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DAS Training


 Training Outline

A Design Assurance Scheme (DAS) has been established to improve the designs of water supply and sewerage reticulation systems being undertaken for the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA). The rationale for establishing the DAS is that there are currently no recognised training courses available in the design of reticulation water supply and sewerage systems.
The DAS is a competency based system involving training and practice, with competency demonstrated through formal assessment. The DAS does not provide a qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), but it is recognised by the MRWA as the principle means of demonstrating design competencies relevant to the water industry.
Specific DAS training courses have been developed to cover the design of water supply and gravity sewerage assets in accordance with the MRWA versions of the WSAA codes. The DAS program for the MRWA codes was administered by WSAA until early 2018, from which point the MRWA have commenced direct management of the program.
The DAS follows the generally accepted view of competency; that being that a person may be deemed competent if they have both the knowledge of a subject and the ability to put that knowledge into practice. Both knowledge and practice are assessed under DAS. Knowledge is assessed by way of a formal written assessment, while practice is assessed via participant submission of relevant design work or an assignment.
The objectives of the water supply and sewerage DAS are:
• Set a minimum standard of competency for accredited MRWA key design personnel.
• Improve and assess the competency of designers and design auditors.
• Encourage an MRWA wide approach to the development of competencies in water supply and sewerage reticulation system design, thereby ensuring the portability of design and design audit competencies between different local water agencies.
The DAS facilitates and assesses both knowledge and experience in three parts:
1. Foundation Knowledge Training
The Foundation Knowledge Module is intended for designers with limited experience to gain further understanding of the design principles. At present, this module is not available and is being considered for future development and delivery to the industry.
2. Advanced Knowledge Training
The Advanced Knowledge Training Module is for designers with significant experience in design of water supply and sewerage reticulation systems, who are involved in the checking and reviewing designs and mentoring more junior design staff. Courses run over 2 days.
3. Advanced Practical Assessment
The Advanced Practical Assessment can be completed with or without having undertaken the Advanced Knowledge Training, however it is recommended that the training be completed first. The assessment comprises of two parts:
• Part A – Written assessment (3 hour open book assessment under exam conditions)
• Part B – Submission of designs
If you have questions about the scheme, please contact us at


All course fees must be paid prior to the start of the course. Certificates and letters will not be issued until all fees have been received.
The costs associated with the various components of the DAS are summarised below:
• Advanced Knowledge Training Fee $1,300 (including GST)
Course fees include course manual in electronic format, certificate of attendance, light lunch and refreshments at breaks on each day during the course. Venue parking is not included.
• Advanced Practical Assessment Fee $650 (including GST)
• Re-Assessment Fee (if required for Part B) $350 (including GST)
Terms and Conditions
Please note, MRWA course prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
Course Cancellation by Participant
Written cancellation received more than fourteen days prior to the commencement of the course will be subject to an administration fee of 10% of the course fee. Written advice must be directed to South East Water via email at
A refund of 50% will be given for cancellations received within fourteen days of commencement of the course.
If no written cancellation is received prior to the course and the participant does not attend on the day(s), then the participant or the company are liable for full course fees and no refund will be given.
Transfer of Course Registration
Transfer of course registration, (eg: change enrolment to a later course) more than fourteen days prior to course commencement will be subject to an administration fee of 10%.
Transfer of course registration within fourteen days prior to course commencement will be subject to an administration fee of 50% of the full course fee..
If a participant cannot attend, they may nominate a substitute in writing to attend in their place, this must occur at least fourteen days prior to the course commencement. Written notification is to be directed to South East Water via email at
Non-attendance at Written Assessment
If a registered participant fails to attend a Written Assessment and has not provided written notice 3 or more business days prior to the assessment date, then the person will be assessed as having failed the written assessment.
MRWA DAS Course Cancellations
MRWA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a course in the event of unforeseen circumstances or insufficient student numbers.
If a course is cancelled or rescheduled by MRWA, participants will be offered a place on the next available course or they may request a full refund at no cost. Refund of fees is the full extent of MRWAs liability in these circumstances.
If you have questions about the scheme, please contact us at


Registration for upcoming programs and Part A assessments is available through Event Gate. An industry notification and/or MRWA newsletter is typically provided when new programs are released for registration. Places are allocated in order of receipt of course registration on Event Gate.
Following registration, the participant will be invoiced by South East Water for the accompanying course fee. Payment is required as per standard invoice terms and shall be made at least 10 days prior to the course commencement date unless otherwise agreed by South East Water.
Advanced Sewerage Design Registration
All courses and Part A assessments will be held at the Waverley International, 301 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley. The following programs are currently open for registration (subject to availability):
Program 13 - 8 and 9 November 2018
Followed by Part A assessment on 26 November 2018
Program 14 - 29 and 30 November 2018
Followed by Part A assessment on 12 December 2018
Water Supply Design – Advanced Module
The initial program of delivery of the Advanced Water Supply Design module has been completed and is now being undertaken on an ‘as-needs’ basis when there is sufficient demand to deliver a course.
Expressions of interest to participate in future Advanced Water Supply Design modules are encouraged and should be submitted to Typically, participants who have previously expressed interest are notified first of future programs before enrolments are advertised more broadly.
If you have questions about the scheme, please contact us at


Part A – Written Assessment
Part A has no pre-requisites; however, it is expected that the participant has had extensive involvement in 3 relevant design projects.
Successful participants will be issued with a Letter of Attainment email and invited to proceed with the Part B assessment.
Unsuccessful participants may undertake a second written assessment. If the second attempt is unsuccessful, the participant will have to complete the Advanced Knowledge Training (again) prior to further attempts at the assessment.
Part B – Design Submission
Successful completion of the Part A written assessment is a pre-requisite for undertaking Part B. It is expected that designs will be submitted within a 12 month period after successful completion of Part A.
Two designs shall be successfully submitted where the applicant is marked as the Design Checker (i.e.: the applicant is responsible for the design quality, but does not have to have undertaken the design) for design projects which:
• Service ≥20 lots; or,
• >500m long.
Part B designs shall be submitted for assessment as follows:
1. Lodge current designs with the relevant Water Agency as normal, and
2. Send designs and supporting documents to
Be sure to include the following text in the email subject heading “DAS Part B Assessment”, the checkers’ name and the project name.
Previous work submitted under the current sewerage code can be re-submitted for assessment, however the design must be the revision which first submitted to the Water Agency. Versions which have been altered after feedback has been received from the Water Agency will not be accepted. If previous work is being submitted for assessment, only submit the design to (not to the Water Agency as normal).
Submitted designs will be intensively reviewed by at least one of the MRWA DAS Assessment Team. Designs will be considered to be of acceptable quality if there are no Major non-conformances and two or less minor non-conformances.
At least two of the first three design submissions must be acceptable to successfully complete Part B of the DAS assessment. If two of the first three or the first two submitted designs do not meet the benchmark, a re-assessment fee will apply, at which time the successful submission count will be reset to zero and further design submissions will be required. If the second attempt is unsuccessful, the participant will have to complete the Advanced Knowledge Training (again) prior to further attempts at the assessment.
Following successful completion of the Part B Design Submission assessment a Certificate of Completion is issued.
If you have questions about the scheme, please contact us at