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The Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA) is a joint association of three water retailers owned by the Victorian government; South East Water, Yarra Valley Water and Greater Western Water. The MRWAs are providers of water, non drinking water, sewerage, trade waste and water saving services for residents and businesses within Melbourne and Metropolitan areas.
The MRWA Product Web Portal enables users to search and obtain details of adopted industry standards, products and materials currently accepted by the MRWAs for the installation of pipeline systems and associated Infrastructure works.

The MRWAs do not give preference to any particular make or type of product included in this portal and may include additional equivalent products in accordance with their product appraisal programs.
This Web Portal is intended for Water Agency personnel, Consultant Engineers and Construction contractors engaged in the design, construction and maintenance of Water Agency infrastructure. The Web Portal is also intended for use by product Manufacturers, suppliers and other Stakeholder organisations.
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Approved Products and Industry Standards

The performance of pipeline systems and associated infrastructure significantly depends on the quality of adopted industry standards and the attributes of the materials and products used in their construction. Application of the adopted standards and the appropriate selection of approved products is paramount to achieving infrastructure operational life expectancies, financial performance and community expectations.
Each Water Agency is responsible for accepting products included in this Web Portal as being suitable for use in its area of responsibility. The Web Portal now defines the list of accepted products for each Water Agency. Only the listed approved products shall be used within each Water Agencies respective areas, unless specific concession is obtained from the relevant Water Agency.

The product information, scope of approval and limits of use are outlined in the individual Product Data Sheets included in this Web portal. The Designer and constructor are responsible for selecting the most appropriate / suitable products from this Web portal for the intended infrastructure application.

The standards part of the Web Portal is designed to provide a clear reference to adopted MRWA Industry Standards, Specifications, Tools and Standard Drawings.​

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